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I hear a lot of people talking about how easy teachers have it by having the summer off.  But there are a few things that they don’t know.

The teachers get paid for 9 months, not 12, but they can spread the payments out over a 12 month period. Don’t assume that they don’t work during those summer months that they are not being paid for, because they are.  They will be meeting with other teachers on their grade level to plan out what they will be doing the next year.  They will be planning the way their classroom will be set up.  They will go back into the school before classes begin to set up their room, putting up bulletin boards, placing the furniture and decorating with their theme for that year.  Some money is given to them to help offset the cost but they still spend a lot of their own money making the classroom attractive for their students. 

If you think that teachers only work during school hours, you are wrong.  They have staff meetings after school, meetings with parents and talk with parents on a website that is set up for parents to contact teachers.  Many of those discussions happen in the evenings.  Then there are lesson plans to be created daily and papers to grade.  PTA meetings are in the evening, as well as book fairs and fall festival, which require their attendance.

Teachers do what they do because they love the children.  Not only are they teaching them reading, math and social studies, they are also helping them develop character and self-esteem. When your child asks to go back to visit a teacher that they had in prior years, you know that teacher has left a mark that will last a lifetime.


                                                                                                                       Doris Short

Published on 12/30/2022 (340 days ago) News