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Davie County Update


Lots of things are happening in Davie County.  Chick-fil-A is coming to Bermuda Run, maybe by May 1.  Highway 55 in Mocksville looks like it is very close to opening.  Cookout has purchased the old Sagebrush property.  There is still no word on when they will break ground.  A new carwash is finally starting to take shape near Walmart and a lubrication business is building near Sheets.

The Department of Transportation is working on projects to help the traffic issues at the intersection of Hwy 801 and US 158.  A short-term solution would be to add a lane to 801 Northbound.  The long-term solution is the new Baltimore Rd interchange that is coming in 2026.  The route will not come across US 158 at the present intersection with Baltimore but will be slightly east on 158.  A stoplight will be installed there also.  The road will continue to I-40 where a new interchange will be built.

Habitat for Humanity is getting ready to move into the old Food Lion building in Westgate Shopping Center in Bermuda Run.  It will be one of the largest of these stores in the country.  Items from Davie that had be going to Forsyth County will now remain here.

A 98-unit apartment complex is under construction behind the Walgreens on Hwy 801 in Bermuda Run. It will be a gated community. NC Fusion Sports and Rise Indoor Sports continue to grow with Rise being fully booked in 2023 and already has 40 weeks booked in 2024.

Rick Cross, Mayor of Bermuda Run stated at a meeting last week, that there is a need for more hotels in the area.   The Beast of the East Basketball Tournament is scheduled to be held at Rise and they will need 400-500 rooms, just for that tournament. 

Andrew Meadwell, Bermuda Run Manager, stated at the same meeting that a 450,000 sq. ft. building is being built on the property located on Hwy. 158, near Farmington Rd.  According to Meadwell the occupant of the new building has not yet been determined.

In 2023 two new roundabouts will be construction on Farmington Rd.  Avgol is planning a large expansion. The old Baker Furniture Building has been sold and we are waiting to see what is going on there. DFA, maker of BMW parts has located on Bethel Church Rd.

Johnny Lambert, Director of Public Utilities for Davie County discussed the ground breaking for a new waste treatment plant in Cooleemee that should take place in June of 2023. He will also be surveying every property in the county for lead and copper piping. Lambert did state that in the past 20 years he has never found a lead service line in Davie County.

Housing continues to be an issue.  Housing costs, including rentals, has risen over the past few years and has make it difficult for much of the labor force to find affordable housing.


Doris Short

Total Real Estate LLC


Published on 1/17/2023 (1 years 155 days ago) News