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Can The Republican Party Finally Get It Right?


Here we are again poised for the Republicans to take back the House and the Senate. I wanted to remind everyone including our Politicians how they did the last time 2016-2018. Remember how tired we all were we finally came to the end of the Obama saga? The Republicans finally got their wish, Control of all three branches of Government. What did the Republicans do? Well, they went along with the absurd Russia meddling hoax. Our very own soon-to-be-retired and good riddance Richard Burr was one of the turncoat leaders. Have you ever noticed the democrats are willing to die on every hill, they stick together like glue, but the republican party has to have sellouts like Richard Burr and walls don't work Thom Tillis, Liz Cheney, and Mitt Romney just to name a few. How about what they did for election fraud, which was absolutely nothing. How did that work out for them? and more importantly us?

Next, we had big tech censorship. The tech giants censoring the republican's very own constituents. They would summon Mark Zuckerberg and Sergio Brin. Ted Cruz Cruise would give them a thorough tongue lashing, then the republicans would do what they do best when protecting their very own voters and that would be absolutely nothing, to the point we are now the former President is banned from Facebook and Twitter. Nice job guys!

The republicans when they had both houses, they wouldn't fund the wall, Bring the troops home or support the Trump agenda that got many of the worthless representatives elected. They didn't hold hearings into Hillary Clinton, Comey, Clapper, or any of the other blatant in-your-face corruption.

They would never look into the pedophile ring operating at the highest levels of the U.S.Government run by Jeffrey Epstein

Maybe this time will be different, maybe this time they will actually do something besides huff and puff and raise the white flag of surrender. We need hearings, arrests, and trials for the massive corruption that's now prevalent in D.C. We will all see what happens on and after November 8.


Farren K. Shoaf

Owner WDSL Broadcasting






Published on 11/6/2022 (1 years 166 days ago) News