History of WSDC & WDSL RADIO



Early years of WSDC/WDSL Radio


In accordance to the Federal Communications Commission in Washington D.C., in 1962, a radio station covering the area of Mocksville, NC was formed. It was a 250-watt radio station with 10 investors to start the station.The first call letters were WSDC .Call letters stood for  Winston Salem, Salisbury &Davie county.

The call letters of W-D-S-L now are“ We Daily Serve the LORD”.

The station & tower is now  located at 431 Eaton Rd Mocksville.


List of all OWNERS OF WDSL Radio Station


Roland Potter; 1st owner- 1964-1990

Jeff &Ouida Watts; 2nd owner s1990-1996

John Tilley& Clay Lunsford; 3rd owners 1996-1998

Margret Tilley; 4th owner 1998-2000

Garry & Kay Tilley; 5th owners 2000-2006

Mark Sanger & Billy Buck Blevins; 6th owners 2006-2010

Farren K. Shoaf; 7th owner 2010-Present








WDSL1520 Upcoming Events
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Lisa Smith and Jr Dunn
of the Country Grass Show Saturdays 12:00 -2:00PM


Steve Boger

Host of Weekend in the Country

Every Saturday 2:00-5:00 PM

Sundays 9:00-12:00PM